The Story

Just like many of the women and men that I have had the good fortune to guide and teach, I once practiced yoga and meditation as a way to relax from the daily grind that I found myself in the corporate world.  It wasn’t until I had an epiphany of sorts that allowed me to realize that I could mix my professional experience with my personal goals of better health in my mind, my body and ultimately, my soul.

You see, I once put on some of the largest marquee events and hospitality programs on the world’s biggest stages, from the Olympics to music festivals that are attended by millions each year.  Having the knowledge of how to personalize those large events for the most discerning of clients, coupled with my new found passion, I started my journey.  I said goodbye to my career and comfort zone.

I literally traveled across the world to seek the proper kind of training and instruction from the foundations of each practice.  I wanted to understand the arts and sciences of yoga, meditation and Thai massage from the very point where they were created.  I knew that it would allow me to truly be purposeful in my teachings to anyone that I would come in contact.

Through deep and intensive instruction in Thailand and India, I began to understand them each from the very core.  I can truly honor each practice by learning and understanding…it is only that way that I can help others get the most out of their experiences with each of these arts.

What about Buddha Bear?

Buddha Bear and I met at puppy yoga. I wanted to create light-hearted yoga classes to help get people moving. I had developed ongoing dog yoga events working with a Dallas-based local animal shelter that would bring dogs up for adoption. The events were not just for the humans, but also for the pups! Most dogs up for adoption need some socialization time and some free time outside of their crates. So it seemed like a win-win for everyone.

And let's be real, sometimes rainbows and puppies do heal all.