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A place for relaxation, connection, and peace of mind. Kristin Goss offers private Traditional Thai Massage sessions at Super Yoga Palace wellness studio (East Dallas) or will come to you.

Kristin is certified in both general Traditional Thai Massage and Advanced Medical Thai Massage. Studying and accomplishing certifications at the Wat Po Temple located in Bangkok, Thailand, the originator of the traditional practice.

General Traditional Thai Massage

A deep and fully clothed floor massage incorporating passive stretches, compressions and work on the Thai energy lines (Sen). The slow movements allow your mind and spirit to slow down and realize a true form of relaxation.

90 minute sessions offer a range of deeper benefits, which is the traditional time allocated for the practice. However, life gets us moving in all sorts of directions. Kristin also offers alternative sessions such as 60 or 30 minutes.

Traditional Thai Combination Massage

Similar to the general traditional style with the addition and combination of specific focus to body ailments through specific extra pressure point work. Ailments can range from anxiety, stress, headaches, stiff neck, shoulder pain, to hip pain and more. 

Additional time required depending on body ailments needing specialized attention.

Location of Services

Super Yoga Palace (East Dallas)

Clients’ home

Benefits of Traditional Thai Massage

·      Reduces Muscle Tension & Spasms

·      Mobilizes the Joints

·      Improves Blood Circulation

·      Balances and Increases Energy

·      Detoxifies

·      Aids with ailments through blood circulation and gentle movement




Traditional Thai Massage
90 minutes $125
60 minutes $100
(3) 90 minute package: $400
(3) 60 minute package: $350

What to Expect

Thai massage is traditionally done in loose clothing and on a soft floor massage mattress.

Clothing and floor setup is to provide proper movement, stretching, and applied pressure for the ultimate traditional experience.


Private Yoga Sessions


Whether you are new to the practice or continuing your ongoing practice, Kristin offers private sessions to understand your body, movement, and proper alignment using a mixture of prop support, demos, and guidance.



1 hour $125
90 minutes $150
1 hour session for two $200
Package prices depend on client needs.