Costa Rica Retreat: A Breath of Fresh Air

April 23-May 1

What’s Included

  • Welcome present
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • Morning cacao ceremonies
  • Guided excursions
  • Dream work sessions
  • Lodging + 3 meals per day
  • Local transportation to/from Luna Lodge property 

A Breath of Fresh Air is a rare thing to find these days. However, there’s one place where fresh air is born, vast nature is inspirational, and life flourishes like nowhere else. Spend a week nourishing the soul while nestled high amongst the trees in the harmony of the Costa Rican rainforest off of the Osa Peninsula. 

 This 8 day/7 night experience will fill you with awe, wonder, and bliss through daily yoga, meditation and soulful excursions while nestled among the breathtaking canopy views in the majestic Osa Peninsula. 2.5% of Earth’s biodiversity lives in perfect balance on this little peninsula taking up just three millionths (.000003%) of the Earth’s surface, making it a nature lover’s dream. Even while packed with life this jungle feels vast, open and embracing.

 Join Kristin Goss and Shon MonDragon along this retreat combining movement, meditation, and nature therapy, so you can reconnect to the spirit within. Think daily yoga, dreamy sound baths in abundant nature, and inspiring excursions. You will be sure to leave more inspired, grounded, and refreshed.

Luna Lodge Eco Resort

Finding relaxation and a breath of fresh air in nature will come with ease along this journey. Your home base for the week sets the world standard for eco-tourism. Having earned the 5 Leaves award for sustainable tourism, as well as maintaining its 4 star international standard, Luna Lodge provides an indescribable balance of nature and comfort.

The lodge is nestled in the rainforest and it exudes natural abundance with its

blend of natural landscaping and organic agricultural abundance surrounding the lodge. Counted among the fruit trees are mango, water apple, papaya, banana, china fruit, mandarin orange, lemon, cacao, avocado, and cashew.

The pleasant, intoxicating aromas of ylang-ylang, frangipani, and night-blooming jasmine permeate the grounds.