Meditation (as a page)

Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet.

It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there.

– Deepak


There are 23+ different styles of meditation out there. 

Each one serving its own purpose based on one's needs.

I'm here to help you get started or dive in deeper with your meditation.


Benefits of Meditation

Reduces stress

Calms the nervous system

Reduces negative emotions

Increases imagination + creativity

Increases patience + tolerance

Increases concentration

Reduces cognitive impulsive behaviors

Aids with sleep


build your awareness for the present moment without judgment

great for: building concentration, peace, tangible tools


a fostering approach of gentle kindness for the self

great for: self-care, maintenance, support

yoga nidra

yogi sleep, this systematic meditation takes you through layers of

the self; leaving you with a sense of wholeness

great for: insomnia, sleep, mid-day reboot